Commitment dating dilemma

16-Dec-2017 20:58

Janine faced a big dating dilemma: Her boyfriend of eight months, Devin, was a nearly perfect match for her.

Handsome, honest, considerate, loyal—the list of his positive attributes went on and on.

In fact, for Devin the term ‘steady employment’ is an oxymoron.

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Relationship researchers argue that the stages and steps through which relationships form and progress are blurrier than in years past.

In many aspects of life the tap of a phone brings us what we want, when we want it, wrapped in a bow. And the obsessive, euphoric early stages of a relationship hold more magnetism than the later, comfortable ones.

‘The central dilemma of relationships is the fact we have two separate needs,’ Croydon, 36, continues.

Devin and Janine laughed together, shared many of the same goals, and communicated at a deep level. This man, so wonderful in every other way, simply could not keep a job.

His résumé, if he ever compiled one, would be as long and varied as a gangster’s rap sheet.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment until death, and a key element of mature understanding is to realize the importance of compatibility in many areas of life.

Many of us know what it feels like to see ourselves as alone, disconnected, or separated.… continue reading »

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